Author: T.L. Swan

Pages: 508
Description: If you want to read this book or are excited about reading this then please do not read my review. It might contain spoilers.

H is a PLAYER MANWHORE WOMANIZER…and whatever you call guys who can’t keep it in their pants.

The h…well she is one of the richest kid with overprotective father and brother, and is very sweet and innocent.

When they first meet he flirts with her, which was all very lame. Cheap pickup lines. She tries to resist but he still tries to steal kisses. But thank god she comes to her senses and stops him and leaves.

But curiosity gets her and she googles him after going home. After reading and SEEING the searches, she vows to never even think about him.
Smart girl.
Because next time they meet he asks her out for dinner and she is all yes.

Again he uses lame lines like ‘You are beautiful but different ‘ blah blah. They go to her house and are ready for a good session.
But then she blurts out she is a virgin and the H is shocked that how can he fuck an innocent virgin, because virgins are needy and all. While he is thinking this she misunderstands that he is not interested and so she kicks him out of her house.

And then the next day the H gives whole details to his friends including the fact that she is a virgin. What? How could he? Because he is a pig. The conversations then very quickly moves to how he is gonna have fun with his usual ow.

And he does have fun with the ow. Full fledged and full of satisfaction sex. Amazing. And these stupid silly reason like he was thinking of the h while effing the ow……..Please spare me the crap.

This seems like a very lengthy drama. The H is very unlikable. I hated him. He is too cocky and disgusting.
There is a good amount of ow drama. His fuckbuddy of 10 years tries to create drama. He even agrees to go to dinner with her to end the relationship amicably. Lmfao.

But I will not complain about the H as the blurb itself makes it clear about his disgusting reputation. But even after meeting the h, he hasn’t changed much. He is those asshole guys who don’t want any other men near the h but he can have as many women as he wants. He is rude to her bodyguard and her brother because they are possessive of her. And what the hell is he?

And then the best thing ..
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