Author: Aisha Tritle

ISBN: 9781979014410
Pages: 360
Description: At the age of ten, Sophia was offered a choice: join Program Occidis and train to become an assassin, or let her mother die.

Seven years later, Sophia’s life serves one purpose: to do the bidding of the narcissistic Danish billionaire who controls her, Norbert Alexander. But her panic attacks keep getting in the way of her job, and when she witnesses the death of another Member, Sophia knows her time of sanity is running out.

When the handsome new member of Occidis, Ilya, kidnaps her while on a job and tells her she’s been chosen to take down the man she’s served for almost half of her life, Sophia reluctantly accepts. Things start to unravel, however, and Sophia finds herself fighting to balance her attraction and distrust when the details of Ilya’s mysterious history come to light.

With her life threatened at every turn, Sophia goes on a transatlantic mission to destroy the man responsible for the deaths of so many.
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