Author: Melanie Dickerson

ISBN: 9780310724414
Pages: 302
Description: UPDATED REVIEW!
Can’t wait for this book!!!!!!! I don’t wanna wait! I hate waiting…..

NOVEMBER???? Nooooooooo whhhhyyyyyy??? I NEED TO READ THIS ASAP!!!

so this is pretty much what happened this year….
When I found out about the new book

But the date got pushed! So I was like…

but…it’s November! Whoo!!!

Official Review…

Ever since The Healer’s Apprentice
I fell in love with the characters… And I love how Melanie Dickerson gives us the chance to see how the characters are doing and omg The Captive Maiden was amazing. Okay I’ve read a lot of Cinderella retellings and I had high expectations for the book because at this point I was kinda sick of Cinderella retellings because there were always the same issues I keep seeing but you won’t be disappointed with this one! It was definitely refreshing from what I’ve read!! Oh there were actions in the book!I loved learning about the jousting and I could really picture myself in the story and I thought some traditions were cute… And oh it was great seeing the Gerstenberg family again! This might be my new favorite MD book…It’s tied with The Healer’s Apprentice…idk it’s so good ugh! Anyways let’s talk about the characters….


*omg isn’t this picture perfect? This is how I pictured Gisela btw that is a still from the new Cinderella movie from Disney coming out in 2015!!*

Oh I love her… she’s tough but sweet. I love her because I knew she wasn’t going to listen to her stepmother! She was gonna go to that tourament and the ball! She’s one of my favorite heroines now.

oh Valten… definitely a contrast from his brother Gabe, the hero from The Fairest Beauty but he was a sweetheart. Underneath his toughness and armor he was sweet. I love him and Gisela so so much! Ah their chemistry. They were a fantastic couple!

so pick up this book!It was not disappoint you!

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