Author: Janie Pendleton

ISBN: 9781419690358
Pages: 210
Description: An emotionally charged romance suspense novel, The Gates to Love and War brings you a breathtaking story of three courageous American soldiers and their heroic service to their country, which in return leaves them each haunted by the ghost of war. Each carries with them top government secrets that cannot fall into the wrong hands. One soldier makes it his objective to get back what the government owes him, no matter the cost. Soon the lives of these three war-torn heroes collide while venturing deep into the treacherous Montana wilderness. On a journey to find peace within themselves, hope and true love are discovered as danger throws them intimately together. It will not only test their survival skills, but their growing desires as well. Can Lt Col. Jade Pickard find love, or will she find herself alone on her Montana ranch-forever?
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