Author: Carl Weber

ISBN: 9780758207562
Pages: 212
Description: A Dollar And A Dream
PLOT: Each story had to do with having money and the problems it brings. It’s a collection of three short stories EASY STREET, GHETTO FABULOUS, AND ONE NIGHT SIX DREAMS.

My Thoughts:
*The one that had the most impact on me was ONE NIGHT SIX DREAMS because it showed to what extreme people will go to get their pockets swollen. When you read it you just shake your head and sadness and a little anger.
*Even though it’s just a story, all good stories are taken from reality. The same events happened to a boy in my HS over a popular sports jacket. Money really is the root of all evil. So many lives are taken, and crimes committed because of it. A DAMN SHAME!
*In the story, it turned normally sane, hardworking, people completely crazy! But such is real life.
*I liked GHETTO FABULOUS because it had a more positive aspect to it. The story was like a tale of Rags to Riches. It showed what you SHOULD do if you hit it big.
*”I tell you this story to say: never give up hope, never doubt, and always believe. We don’t know what life holds in store for us.” (Words to live by! GREAT QUOTE!)
*I liked EASY STREET because it had a little vindictive flavor to it. Who wouldn’t like to get rich and tell the ones that did you shady what to kiss and where to go when they come around smiling all up in your face asking for a handout? That one felt very real and very true to life, knowing now in my years what I’ve experienced with people that are only after you because of what they think you can do for them. I could easily relate!

Rate: This was a REALLY good book! It was amazingly better than I thought it would be from looking at the cover. Each story was easy to read and had shocking twists and plot lines. I give it 8 stars and recommend it as a light read.
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