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The treatment I offer is an accumulation of many years of practical experience and studies of Thai massage, Shiatsu and other disciplines. It is a healing treatment. Every treatment is unique and done with hands on or off your body, or both.


Treatment: 600 kr.


(For those interested I still offer Traditional Thai massage 90 min. 750 kr. or Shiatsu aprox. 60 min. 600 kr.)


I have been giving treatments since 2003.

Between 2003 and 2012 we had Mitt i Boda in Boda Kyrkby and MiB Falun in Falun, Sweden. At MiB Falun we had a floating tank and I liked to combine floating with a Shiatsu treatment.


Currently I am not giving any treatments and don´t have a business.


Thai massage I studied with Mama Nitt, Chiang Mai and advanced Thai massage with Itzhak Helman, Skinskatteberg.

Shiatsu with Sati (Oda), Chiang Mai and at Shiatsu Akademien (Philppe Vandenabeele and Lasse Stålnacke) in Stjärnsund and Gävle.

Thai foot massage at Wat Pho, Bangkok and Loi Kroh, Chiang Mai. Shiatsu meets foot massage with Marina Papazian, Uppsala.


The studies of Thai massage and Shiatsu encompassed more then just those techniques. Namely also its history, it´s healing and spiritual aspects, stomach massage, cranial-sacral, the Sen, Zen-Shiatsu and traditional acupuncture lines and points, meditation, Qi-gong, reflex zones, healing, the body as a whole and energy …


Since 2002 I hold diploma´s for Thai massage and since 2010 I am a certified Shiatsu practitioner according to the European Shiatsu Federation´s guidelines.


I have been a member of Kroppsterapeuternas yrkesförbund, Sweden, since 2010.



Ralf Effting, Rättvik